2017-2018 Orchestra

The Merrimack Valley Philharmonic Orchestra is comprised of musicians mainly from the Merrimack Valley. Its membership includes professional musicians as well as amateurs who work diligently each week to bring you concerts. We are grateful for their dedication. Please check back for additions/corrections as the new season begins.

Violin I

Marjorie Nelson, Concertmaster
Diane Lafond
The Robert and Ruth Prentiss Chair
Francesca Mellin
Jennifer Onello
Diane Tiezzi
The James Howard Chair
Stacey Channing
Michele Cronin
Harriet Young
Bob Fortunado
AnnMarie Pinard

Violin II

Brooke LaMonica
Janice High
Denice Perriccio
Judy Salati
Claire Arakaki
Christal Wilson
Margo Sokolow
Katherine Knowles
Jacy LeCain


Alison Yankowskas
King Yeh
Denise Cara Pocoli
Claire Arakaki
Virginia Schwacker
Christianna Kosta


Laurie Strubbe
Charlene Ledoux
Rich Harwood
Timothy Southgate
Shannon Tzeng


David Clark
Ed Marshall
Hal Rabbino
Linda Morris


Emily Richardson


Majorie Hogan
Terry Derrico
Joshua Carter


Terry Derrico


Kate Belczyk
Amanda Doiron
Marissa Rogers
Natalie Berger


Sherry Ross
Brian Ross
Dale McDonald

Bass Clarinet

Brian Ross


Brad Morse
Alison Graichen
Kim Marttila


Stephen Taylor
Lora Fulton
Tara Rousselle
Hannah Jackson
Cameron Owen
Tracey Crain
Ethan Mattor
Amy Allen


Jim Dolham
Beverly Perriccio
Eric Pound
Janet Travis
Rebecca Dixon


Bruce Guttman
Paul Merrill
Allen Bourgeois
Jacob Poirier


Clif Banner


Daniel Reynolds
Justin Livingston
Nora Theberge
Chloe Molinaro
Nicholas Senno

Personnel Manager

Brooke LaMonica


Bruce Guttman


George Monseur

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2019-2020 Rates

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$250Full page
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