Bradley LaMonica

BNBradley LaMonica lives in Atkinson, NH and graduated from Timberlane Regional High School in June 2016. He has been studying alto and tenor saxphone with Nick Mainella for the past six years. Prior to that he studied alto sax with Anthony DiBartolomeo for three years. In February 2016, Bradley was chosen to play in the Jazz Bnad in the NH Music Educators Association Jazz All State Festival in Derry, NH. Bradley also has studied piano with Jeannette Lambert for the past four years. He performs regularly with Timberlane Community Bans in Plaistow, NH. He is an active member of the New Hampshire Army National Guard (having passed his Basic Combat Training in the summer of 2015) and will be playing with the Army Band in Manchester, NH after he attends his advanced training this fall at the Army Music School in Virginia Beach, VA. In January, Bradley will be attending the University of New Hampshire studying Culinary Arts and Nutrition and Saxphone Performance. In his spare time, Bradley enjoys creating You Tube videos with his friends as well as composing and performing his own music.

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